The Integrity of Love
Connie Donaldson, MA
Study Groups
A constellation is both an event and a process. It is not merely a cathartic experience, a single
moment of insight. It is also a process—a shift in the family energy—a change in the outcome of
generations of a family’s effort to survive and continue. As a constellation is allowed to take root, to
settle into the body and soul, to be unperturbed by questions and thoughts and objections, it has the
ability to continue to grow and produce ever widening circles of healing and peace.  

There is never a good time to
analyze a constellation. It’s best left to do its work undisturbed, much
like a seed works best when we don’t dig it up and check on its root system.

However, it is entirely appropriate, interesting, and often helpful to find out how we can continue to
ensure that a constellation grows in fertile ground. For this reason, we offer ongoing classes on the
dynamics of Family Constellations.

The classes are based on the writings of Bert Hellinger and members of the Family Constellation
community as well as on the latest scientific and psychological works related to Constellations. The
work done in recent years in mind-body medicine, trauma, and psychoneuroimmunology seem to
enhance our understanding of what happens in a Family Constellation and create a means to keep
the work growing with us. Some of the topics included in the classes are:

  • The Orders of Love—the laws that seem to govern how family systems survive and evolve.
  • The Laws of Giving and Taking
  • Understanding the morphogenetic field.
  • The effects of trauma on the body and mind.
  • The power of acceptance, meditation and ritual.
  • The effect of Constellation Work on future generations.