The Integrity of Love
Connie Donaldson, MA
Family Constellations
Defining a Constellation

A Family Constellation is both a reintroduction to ancient wisdom and an evolution
in wisdom.

It is a loving gift from generations past and a cutting-edge confirmation of the
newest discoveries in Epigenetics and Psychoneuroimmunology.

A Constellation offers proof of the presence of spirit to skeptics, and comfort to the
spiritually parched. It is a way of moving out of our ever-chattering brain, with its
cache of old stories that don’t work, into our hearts, with new stories and
perceptions that offer hope.

For those courageous enough to accept its challenges, a Family Constellation
offers a way home—emotionally and spiritually.

A Family Constellation, as developed by German psychoanalyst Bert Hellinger, is a multidimensional
phenomenon. During a family constellation, the effects of transgenerational events—family trauma,
deaths, still-born children, war, isolation, unrequited grief—are revealed. The problems and
entanglements caused by these events in the past are brought to light and a solution is discovered
and enacted in the present.

At its simplest, a constellation is a therapeutic event that has the ability to produce profound changes
in a participant’s image of his life. It has the power to allow shifts on numerous levels—emotional,
spiritual, physical and relationally. In a constellation, things are revealed that enable a person to see
his life from a different perspective—often one he has never considered before. And with that shift in
perception—that change in awareness—transformations are often experienced.

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What a Constellation Looks Like for a description of how a constellation is conducted.
It will give you a somewhat clearer picture of something that is often difficult to fully describe.