The Integrity of Love
Connie Donaldson, MA
About Connie
Connie Donaldson is a therapist, writer and teacher, with a Master’s Degree in Counseling
Psychology from Waynesburg University. She works with both individuals and groups.

Connie  completed training in the Systemic Phenomenological Approach of Bert Hellinger from the
Hellinger Learning Center. Her experience in Family Constellation Work includes extensive training
with international facilitators, Mark Wolynn and Suzi Tucker, and workshops with Bert Hellinger and
numerous other teachers and facilitators.

Connie's book,
Dumping the Magic: A Retired Cynic Revisits Spirituality and Healing deals with
the spiritual journey that began with her first constellation in 2005. You can read the first chapter by
clicking on the
Dumping the Magic button on the left of this screen.

Connie is the co-founder (along with Dr. Jonas Marry DC) of
Maximum Expression Network an
organization whose mission it is to establish educational and collaborative opportunities with
professional partners in the health care community.  You can find out more about the network,
classes and collaborative opportunities on the website:

A personal note:

Thirty-five years ago, when I was just starting my family, I was accepted into a graduate program in
Counseling. But life, as we know, often takes us in directions we don’t expect. Responsibilities and
opportunities pulled me in a different direction. Most of my career has been as a writer, editor and
teacher. I’ve been a professional storyteller and an artist. I’ve enjoyed teaching both children and

However, after I first experienced the power and depth of Family Constellation Work, I returned to my
original dream. Within months of my own constellation, I was enrolled in graduate school and
facilitator training for Family Constellation Work. A year and a half later, I completed both.

My love for Family Constellation Work comes from my continuous and deepening respect for its
effectiveness and power to transform lives. We’re just entering an age where the scientific community
is beginning to see the truth in what spiritual traditions have been telling us all along. We are more
than just our bodies and minds! Constellation Work takes its place beside trauma studies and
psychoneuroimmunology in creating a better understanding of the healing power of soul work.