The Integrity of Love
Connie Donaldson, MA
Family Constellation Work
Sometimes we feel stuck. Emotional problems, difficulties with relationships, or physical problems
seem to overwhelm us. And, try as we might, we can’t seem to figure out how to get out from under

One possibility is that the problems are systemic—that they originate in our family systems. Just as
we inherit our eye and hair color from our families, we also inherit unconscious emotional patterns
and tendencies.

Family love—the love of children for parents, parents for children, one generation for the one coming
after—is an extraordinary force that sometimes overlooks the individual as it strives to retain
intergenerational equilibrium.

Family Constellation Work, developed by German psychotherapist Bert Hellinger, offers a way of
working with the power of family love that enables us to:
  • reach a clear understanding of the patterns that have influenced us,
  • learn how we can change these images to live more peacefully, joyfully and healthfully.
Family Constellation Work is both a reintroduction to ancient wisdom
and an introduction to an evolution in wisdom.
What if all of the wisdom traditions were right?
What if the basis for all of life is love?
What if there are laws that govern love that we are just now beginning to discover
and understand?
What if the energy of past events in our families has an effect on the energy in our
present families?
Will understanding this give us a chance to rebalance it and live more consciously?
What if forgiveness is not the best way to express love?
What if we can experience, in our own bodies—not just in our minds—what it feels like
when we truly act from love?
How would we then live?
“March 15th--ten days after my 58th birthday. A dozen different things went through my mind as I drove
down the Parkway that Tuesday. None of them had anything to do with God or my mother. I’d given up
on both of them years ago.”

With these words, Connie Donaldson begins the story of how Family Constellations changed the
direction and meaning of her life.

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Connie's book,
Dumping the Magic: A Retired Cynic Revisits Spirituality and Healing
was published in July 2012.